IN2BONE – SkyOnline

Our prestigious partner SkyOnline is the only TIER III Carrier Neutral Data Center, with more than 15 years of experience under their belt, serving their clients in the central Buenos Aires economic hub. We are proud to have them as esteemed partners, for a mutually beneficial business management

The datacenter services provided through SkyOnline are the best in the region, with central and tertiary datacenters located in various parts of Buenos Aires, especially the economic hub. These data centers are within easy-to-reach parts of the city, which makes this partnership advantageous for our clients.
Our network infrastructure within SkyOnline is used by our technological staff to stay connected with our Managed Services Network constantly.

What Is SkyOnline?

SkyOnline has become a leader in the data center platform, becoming a preferred choice for major financial and economic companies in Argentina. SkyOnline is based in United States of America with more than 15 years of business and management experience.

With their Tier III Carrier Neutral Data Center, they are able to offer multiple economic, financial and business advantages to their clients, which can help them in selecting suppliers. The TIER III standardization helps their clients the peace of mind to run their business operations with the added
benefits of cost-saving.

SkyOnline Services

SkyOnline provides a number of services namely:

I. Virtualization and Cloud Services
SkyOnline has a Hybrid Cloud Technology, which can be connected to the communication channels of your choice (private/public). This offers the chance to connect with the High Availability Internet service with the security features of TIER III infrastructure.

II. Virtual Data Center
SkyOnline also contributes in your business through their virtual data centers that are a consolidation of services offering huge amount of cloud storage space for personal use of companies, enriching their portfolios for economic growth and instant connectivity. Other secondary services include Extended
Data Centers, Virtual Desktops (VDI), Remote Backup Services, Digitized Data Storage and a Contingency Site.

III. Cyber-Security
They offer full range of security services, virtual or on premise depending on your application with regular vulnerability scans and ethical hacking, hardening and forensics, which are run regularly for the client’s safety.

IV. Backup and Storage
Companies spend so much time, money and manpower to maintain backup and storage. By delegating this task to SkyOnline, they focus on more complex tasks. SkyOnline take cares of magnetic media storage, keeping up to date with your backup policies.

V. ERP Service
SkyOnline provides consistent hosting solutions. They are equipped with contingency ERP, sandbox assembly, SAP® R / 3® – SAP S / 4HANA® support for Technological Migrations, Product Concepts as well as Business Intelligence and Big Data.

VI. Digital Channel
SkyOnline provides an online digital channel, which provides clients with prompt and easy distribution of product information and any other information or promotions. This comes quite in handy for companies who don’t want to spend additional hardware for promoting their services and products. Video on
demand is a popular feature of this service.

SkyOnline Infrastructure

Their infrastructure is approved for SAP business one, SAP ERP, SAP HANA, SAPS /4HANA, SAPR/3, SAP/ Business Suite, SAP Business Objects and SAP Fiori. The SkyOnline infrastructure boasts uninterrupted energy, flood prevention, air conditioning, Telco Room Interconnection Room, Fire detection and
extinguishing system, exclusive rooms and cages for controlled storage, colocation and rack mode storage and physical security.

Announcing Our New Partnership with ABUSIX

We are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with ABUSIX to simplify the security to our clients. This partnership adds to the existing relationship with SkyOnline, and further increases the scope of our services. It’s part of our commitment to help you find better ways to protect your network, your business reputation, and even your clients.

Abusix has always been considered as one of the world’s leading experts on tracking and solving network threats. They are based in Silicon Valley with operations in Karlsruhe, Germany. By using their real-time engine, customers are capable to identify and resolve abuse and security issues faster than ever. The Abusix’s SaaS service centralizes and connects all abuse, security alerts and events from sources that originate from within hosting provider networks. A Abusix is the industry’s first security and abuse orchestration platform that identifies and neutralizes the abuse and nefarious use of service provider networks in real time.

Abusix offers a better approach to internet security so you can protect your network, your business reputation, and your customers. You can easily gain real-time visibility to subscriber network security and abuse issues and automatically resolve 99% of subscriber security and abuse incidents.

KEY BENEFITS from Abusix

  • Enhanced network security, lower reputational and legal risk, and greater subscriber’s safety.

By decreasing the number of tools and the amount of human intervention needed to identify and resolve subscriber problems we simplify the security and abuse processes. Our full automotive software can dramatically decrease legal risk and related costs by reducing vulnerabilities and subscriber security issues, network abuse, and fraud in a network. Our main goal is to Increase subscriber satisfaction and retention by improving subscriber response, care, and quality of service.

  • Reduced network security and abuse desk costs, safer networks for your customers.

We can reduce exposure by recognizing subscriber security and legal risks earlier; thus decreasing the time it takes to resolve issues and overall network operations and support costs. Improve return on existing network, security and support assets within simple webhooks and well-documented API. Increase productivity through efficient machine based orchestration, automation, response and lower related costs across the company.


ABOUT Abusix’s AbuseHQ

AbuseHQ is the industry’s first security orchestration platform that identifies and neutralizes the abuse of service provider networks in real time. It provides the necessary visibility that hosting providers need to protect their network and keep their customers safe.

  • Orchestration
    Like an orchestra that brings together a group of instrumentalists to create a symphony, same, AbuseHQ allows you to smoothly orchestrate different types of data and technologies you need to make knowledgeable decisions and take necessary actions for dealing with the network abuse and security events.
  • Automation
    AbuseHQ fully automates security and abuse workflows, improves subscriber alert speed, raises productivity and dramatically improves network security while lowering support costs. All these benefits are making your network unattractive for bad actors and their bots.
  • Response
    AbuseHQ allows you to help users in a uniform consistent manner and enforce your acceptable use policies (AUP). Keeping your network clean and robust for your users and increasing their satisfaction while lowering your organizational risk, ensuring safe harbor protection and maximizing your shareholders’ profit by securing your network services.
  • Reporting
    Using AbuseHQ you will be able to report priorities determined by business context metrics like risk management and efficiency. This allows security teams to prioritize abuse and security operations activities.

We were eager to work with Abusix since we understand that a large and growing share of the internet community is made up of people who want faster response time and secure connections. Abusix offers 83% faster response rate, 92% reduction in analysts workload and 99% events are resolved automatically.

IN2BONE – Peritos Solutions

We are proud to announce our partnership with Peritos Solutions. Setup in 2015, it has made ground breaking inroads in providing out of the box IT solutions. It is a firm located in India & New Zealand which has constantly strived to achieve excellence.

The ‘Peritos Vision’

Peritos aims at delivering services of the highest quality and have maintained the following in order to achieve the same.

  • Constantly innovate with the technologies and be on the GO for any customer need.
  • Tackle every problem they believe it is worth looking at. They pay minute attention to solving problems using latest technologies. A new problem always comes with a newer chance of innovation.
  • To become technology masters whether it is a SAP, Microsoft, Oracle or open source they aim to eliminate the barriers between technologies by providing a solution best suited for the clients need.
  • To Provide both flexible, affordable solutions or a pricey exclusive deal. They sync with the business requirement of the clients.
  • They go beyond the said expectations to make our clients feel special. To thrive to make a delightful experience for our customer.
  • To Provide both flexible, affordable solutions or a pricey exclusive deal with peritos solution. We sync with the business requirement of the clients. The business should go on and we take utmost care to ensure we get repeat work from our clients.
  • They go beyond the said expectations to make our clients feel special. To thrive to make a delightful experience for our customer.

Services Offered

  • SAP consulting- Comprehensive and Reliable SAP Services – When it comes to SAP expertise it takes a lot of practice and experience. They have successfully worked on multiple SAP projects on development, support and integration. With their team of expert consultants they assure to maximize SAP investments .  (They have worked with Fujitsu )
  • Custom Application Development – They have successfully worked on multiple Enterprise application development  projects for development support and integration. With their team of expert consultants they assure to maximize IT investments and ensure you get the right tool at the right price. ( They are partners with Cumulus Pro)
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – They have worked on projects to conceptualize develop specific machine learning algorithms, data extraction techniques and automation using Bots to complete work faster and more efficiently.
  • IoT Application Development and Consulting – They have worked on projects to conceptualize develop sensor information to read, store and communicate to enable IoT application to communicate with real world data. ( They created an LOT device for pharmaceutical grade refrigerator which can be used for transportation of medicines to reach to the dealers and hospitals at right temperature and humidity condition.

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