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Network Management Systems

At In2bone, we offer an optimal network monitoring service for companies that rely on a functional infrastructure. Through our powerful VNOC (Virtual Networks Operation Center), we monitor, search and eliminate critical malfunctions. Saving cost and time is our main objective by identifying critical issues within your network before they affect the lifecycle of your business development.
We offer you the chance to delegate secondary monitoring tasks, such as monitoring devices and WAN, to our network monitoring services. We are constantly striving to offer optimized and direct IT solutions making us a highly valuable element of your business operation. With our round-the-clock read-only access, your security will never be compromised.
We can remotely access, monitor and reconfigure all your network systems such as routers, firewalls, and servers to maintain the balance and integrity of the system. Our Technical Support Center experts are well-versed in the art of problem-solving, maintenance diagnosis and corrective action. We offer customized services to all our clients by implementing predefined guidelines provided by your network engineers. Any error in systems network or breach in security will be dealt with immediately or our advance notification system will apprise you of the situation right away.

Network Incidents Management

Companies who cannot afford to hire remedial network service personnel; we can do that for you. In2bone offer advance Network Incident Management to maintain WAN links and resolve issues with the help of our VNOC (Virtual Networks Operation Center).
Our incident management service forms a critical part of your security policies related to risk management and continuity. Our team of experts proactively solves WAN related issues that are a threat to your core business. Our functional guidelines include; providers management contact information & WAN incidents management.
In2Bone also offers monitoring service along with third-party provider management. When your service provider link is down, we reach out to them to claim incident resolution on your behalf. For this particular service, we can strike deals with other parties like telcos or business partners such as Cisco and Juniper so our customers don’t have to worry about the maintenance issues. We directly take care of everything for you.

Network Operation

Leave the management and monitoring of your company’s infrastructure to the network operation experts at In2bone. Our entrusted experts join their expertise and automated scanning tools that maintain and manage the integrity and functioning of your network infrastructure. We ensure an overall consistent network availability by offering remote monitoring and management service.
We constantly supervise the health, security and data capacity of the infrastructure and make time-sensitive adjustments and decisions to elevate organizational productivity and network performance. We ensure a singular point-of-contact with all application platforms that enable our team to analyze every situation and counteract with an appropriate response for any potential crisis.
Our tech experts follow networking standards to report technical parameters to verify compliance and provide an advanced workflow management and event detection.

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