Training & Coaching

While IN2BONE is happy to assist in whatever networking solutions you need, some companies may want to move things in house.

After all, if a problem arises, it’s always better to be able to fix it quickly with one of your own people.  We are happy to help train your staff in the newest and most cutting edge methods.

Our specialists start with a network knowledge assessment test, just to be sure where your staff is at. Then we will be happy to create a lesson plan to educate your staff to handle whatever comes next.

Carrier Backbone Specialist

In the last two decades, carriers have come and gone. We have taken the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, and make sure we don’t do the same thing. Our MPLS based services are second to none.

We have the skills needed to deploy L3VPNs, L2VPNs, VPLs, and Traffic engineering.
Combining an intimate understanding of these technologies with a passion for the cyber security world, IN2BONE has crafted a world-class team of experts.

If you need someone to design the data core for your company
look no further than IN2BONE.

Network Management Systems

Time wasted is money wasted. A network problem only becomes a disaster when nobody catches it. If nobody’s watching your network, it’s only a matter of time before something goes sideways.

If you intend to keep your customers happy, you need to keep your network secure. Your IP Network engineer needs to understand that everything is riding on him. If something goes sideways, he needs to be there to correct the problem.

Our specialists have years of experience riding the shifting sands of network reliability. If you’re looking to have the most reliable network out there, monitored by passionate workers, then IN2BONE is the company you’re looking for.

Router Switching and Firewalls

Keeping the bad guys out is key to good security. The best kind of security ensures they never make it past the first hurdle. In the current global economy, it is unreasonable to assume your people will be located in the same city, or even the same time zone. IN2BONE creates a data network that connects every office and worker.

We will work with your company to design a secure network customized to your needs. Our Modus Operandi starts with a network assessment, and ends with a successful deployment.

Our specialists take a very hands-on approach to building the perfect firewall for your company. Whether you’re looking for basic but secure protection, or state-of-the-art programming with all the bells and whistles, IN2BONE has you covered.

Cloud Computing

Possibly one of the biggest revolutions in the 21st century with the idea of cloud computing. Suddenly, work can be performed from anywhere. It wasn’t only for the elites, or corporate

Now, even the part-time temporary workers could be productive no matter where they were. Welcome to the twenty-first century, welcome to the cloud. When the internet went to the cloud, it wasn’t just another change.

It was a paradigm shift that the business world is still trying to understand. IN2BONE can make sure your data is accessible from any computer in the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of nowhere, or the middle of the Urban Jungle, IN2BONE is there to help.

Get in touch with us, we can offer a wide range of solution
according to your business requirements.


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